Absolutely without a doubt thee best place to store your valuables extra stuff. The customer service actually should be rated as 10 star. The manager Colleen is the right person and you can count on her to take care of you and your valuables or just extra stuff . She has outstanding customer service and is always available to your specific needs. The maintenance person Pete is a very nice guy he always a smile and ready to ensure your putting your things in the right place. Another person here is Amada she also has your best interest when you come here or just want to place call here. Its obvious that management has employed the right people to run their business. I originally came here in 2003 and everytime i have left there knowing I am placing my things in thee best storage place. To me and everyone I know there is no other place here in the high desert to secure your things.
Tami Cooper Avatar
Tami Cooper
I have been with this storage company for 4 years and I am so happy with hours and especially the customer service
Theresa Claussen-Kaimer Avatar
Theresa Claussen-Kaimer
Place is wnd cheapest in the high desert, 10x10 seems small but it is pretty big if u stack boxes...colleen i think her name is very nice..
Kim Havener Avatar
Kim Havener
Great prices. Clean big units for a better price then anywhere else we found.
Kathy Gonzalez Avatar
Kathy Gonzalez
very friendly, helpful & caring staff , Happy customer
Jess Medrano Avatar
Jess Medrano
Have rented spaces here, friendly staff and great prices
Pam D Avatar
Pam D
They have the best rates in the Victor Valley. The managers are friendly & helpful 🙂
Christopher Kraft Avatar
Christopher Kraft
I really like this place because they don't raise you rates all the time like the other Storage I was with. They don't force Me to get added insurance either. Colleen the Manager is friendly and always helpful. They also have UHaul trucks which makes it convenient. I Highly recommend this Business.
Doreen Liu Avatar
Doreen Liu
Very nice Place to storage your things...
michael crews Avatar
michael crews
Mmmmmmm bien
Emma Cruz Avatar
Emma Cruz
Very nice employees ! Loved that my stuff was safe! Highly recommend getting !
Yvette Gonzales Avatar
Yvette Gonzales
alot of storage to keep, not alot of people, barely any problems to have with the people that works there
Lupita Melendez Avatar
Lupita Melendez
The attendant who helped explained everything in detail and gave honest advice to save us some money
David Welz Avatar
David Welz
Nice customer service and a lot of space for inexpensive price for the size storage you get
Jacques Kuik Avatar
Jacques Kuik
Great prices
Marco Zuniga Avatar
Marco Zuniga
I've had a space with them for 23 years. They didn't raise the rent at all until this year, 2019. I think that's a pretty good record. Staff has always been pleasant and easy to work with.
horseywater Avatar
Love it Cheap, clean, nice desk help.
tracy payne Avatar
tracy payne
Loved the space. Great deal to begin with. Check it out!
Suzy Best Avatar
Suzy Best
The Best
Rachel R Pori Avatar
Rachel R Pori